advaya (advaya) wrote in rock_of_ages,

The Levon Helm Band

Last Sunday I had the amazing experience of seeing The Levon Helm band perform in Charlottesville Virginia. It was easily the best show, ever. It wasn't even a concert, it was an experience! I wish I could just live in that moment forever. I found the show and downloaded it and have been listening to it over and over, it's just so damn good.

I highly recommend that anyone who can catch a show to do so. You will not regret it.

Has anyone been to a Midnight Ramble? My mother and I are trying to save up the money to go to one, and take a road trip up to Woodstock. They're rather expensive, but they would be so absolutely worth it. I can't even imagine!

Anyway, I know this community is far from active, but I just had to share some Band love. I've been listening to them for a long time. We watch the Last Waltz every Thanksgiving. We don't look forward to turkey, or to being with family, just watching The Last Waltz. heh

I tend to listen to singer-songwriters primarily, but The Band are easily my Anyway, Hello to everyone! Glad to be here, even if no one else is. haha :)

I didn't get any pictures from the concert, but I did get one of the theatre and it's marquee (I think that's the word). Someone in front of us was filming with their camera, and got in trouble, but there are a few clips on youtube, which I have also been watching obsessively.

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