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This is all a dream we shared one afternoon.

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Hello to everyone.

I'm a new member of the community and have been a fan of The Band since '03. Since '87 if you count my only knowing their song The Weight when I heard it on the second soundtrack to The Big Chill.

Before The Last Waltz Special Edition was released on DVD, I read the article in Rolling Stone magazine about it and decided that I had to have it. I watched it and loved it and bought "Greatest Hits" and then later "Rock Of Ages" with the hopes of building on that collection when I could.

For my birthday (not ON my birthday, it was an early present) last year, my brother got me the 4-Disc set of The Last Waltz soundtrack. That made a particularly bad day much better. My brother is awesome. :)>

True story from today. I live in Dallas and was riding the DART rail to Downtown Dallas. I was reading Levon Helm's autobiography and listening to The Band's Greatest Hits on my iPod. I was towards the end of chapter 8 where he mentions their playing at a festival that he considered bigger than Woodstock. I read about how they started playing their set and had to leave the stage because of rain. Garth goes back out and starts playing organ for awhile and the rain lets up. The Band comes back out and starts playing "Chest Fever". Just as I read that part, "Chest Fever" played on my iPod. You couldn't plan that twice, I'm telling you. I didn't plan it at all. ;)>

That's my story.
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